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Sports massage is an incredibly effective treatment which helps an athlete to prepare for competition by alleviating pain/ tension or warming up essential muscles. Post massage is there to help the athletes to quickly restores energy levels, balance psycho-emotional state, prevent injury, cramps, spasms, and relieve pain in case of micro-trauma or chronic problems.

From charity sporting events to international tournaments, I am happy to work in any environment from sports halls to fields providing a high level of professionalism and care enables you to be able to offer your athletes the best service.

The fundamental services we provide for events are

  • Pre- Massage

  • Post massage

  • Sports Taping

If you would like to book me to attend your event, please send your event details including, location, details, timings, and requirements to and we can put together a bespoke package including bringing more therapists if required.

If you are an athlete looking to pre book a slot at an event, please find your event page, the service you would like and then book!

EVENTS: My Practice
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