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One of the main reasons people have a sports massage is due to an injury they have sustained through various activities such as taking part in sport, at work or in a public place. When an injury occurs the muscles in that area will contract and become short which can lead to a loss of motion and pain. By using skills such as soft tissue release, myofascial release, and muscle energy techniques it will not only reduce swelling and inflammation by creating a fresh flow of blood, removing dead cells and toxins from the area it will allow the muscles to lengthen reducing the pain and the discomfit. Sport massage and rehabilitation from injury go hand in hand and it is a key element of becoming and remaining pain free as well getting you back to the very best you can be and preventing this injury from happening again.

I would advise people not to receive a massage until at least 48 hours after an injury has taken place as massage treatment during the initial stage, may have a reverse effect by increasing the pain due to an increase in swelling, which in turn will take the injury longer to heal.  During the initial stage its always best to rest it, ice it, compress it and elevate it to reduce blood flow to the area, reduce swelling, pain, and start the healing process as soon as possible.

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